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If you’re searching for a credit card that can help you earn travel rewards and provides top-notch insurance services and access to exclusive entertainment and sports events, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card might be a suitable choice for you. It’s worth considering applying for this card. But before you do it, check our full review!


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Here are just a few of the numerous advantages you'll enjoy with your Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card:

If you spend $4,000 within the first three months of opening the account, you can receive a welcome bonus of 75,000 miles.
Unlimited miles;
You can earn 2 miles for every dollar spent on all purchases.
You can utilize your miles by making purchases via PayPal.

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To redeem Capital One miles for airfare, a ratio of 100 miles per dollar spent is needed. The standard calculation for transportation expenses is one cent per mile. Thus, a $200 flight would require 20,000 miles, which is the typical redemption rate.

With the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you can utilize your rewards to cover the cost of trips booked via Capital One Travel, which is a convenient method. There is no limit to the number of miles you can earn, and your accumulated miles will remain valid for the duration of your account.

By utilizing your Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card to make a qualifying travel purchase, you can redeem your accumulated miles for a $500 statement credit.

Credit cards are not all the same, so let’s learn more about the Capital One Venture Rewards:


  1. Flexible Rewards for Your Adventures: With the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you can redeem your miles for just about any travel expense. Whether it’s flights, hotels, rental cars, or even quirky experiences, there are no blackout dates or restrictions to hold you back. It’s like having a passport to wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go there.
  2. Score Big with a Welcome Bonus: As if the travel perks weren’t sweet enough, the Capital One Venture rolls out the red carpet with a juicy sign-up bonus for new cardholders. Just meet the spending requirement within the allotted time, and you’ll be cashing in those bonus miles faster than you can say “bon voyage.”
  3. Earn Miles While You Live Your Best Life: Forget about playing favorites with spending categories. With this card, every purchase is a mile-earning opportunity.
  4. No Sneaky Fees When You’re Abroad: Traveling Abroad? No problem. Unlike some other cards that sneakily tack on foreign transaction fees, the Capital One Venture gives you the green light to swipe, tap, and pay without any extra charges.
  5. Travel Perks to Make Your Journey Smooth Sailing: From travel accident insurance to 24/7 assistance services, this card has your back wherever your travels take you. Plus, with access to Visa Signature Concierge, you’ve got your own personal travel genie to grant all your travel wishes.


  1. Annual Fee Alert: While the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card brings a lot to the table, it does come with an annual fee. It’s like paying the cover charge to get into the coolest party in town – just make sure the perks inside are worth the admission fee for you.
  2. Watch Out for the APR Rollercoaster: Like any rewards card, the APR on the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card can be a bit of a wild ride, especially if you’re not paying off your balance in full each month. Keep an eye on those interest charges, and try to avoid carrying a balance to keep your rewards game strong.
  3. Membership Requires Good Vibes (and Credit): To join the Capital One Venture Rewards party, you’ll need to flash your good credit score at the door. If your credit history isn’t quite ready for prime time, you might not make the guest list, or you could get in with less glamorous terms.

With these friendly pointers in mind, you’ll be cruising the rewards highway with your Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card like a seasoned traveler in no time.

Apply for the Capital One Venture Rewards Card

Consider the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card for easy-to-use travel rewards.

If you’re uncertain about acquiring the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, consider an alternative card with exceptional platinum benefits!

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