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Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card: Cashback

Discover how the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card turns everyday purchases into valuable rewards. Perfect for frequent Walmart shoppers.


Get 5% cash back on Walmart online purchases with the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®!

Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card
This credit card is perfect for Walmart’s frequent shoppers. Source: Ian’s Tech.

The quest for the perfect credit card can be challenging, but the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card simplifies this choice with its enticing offers.

Ideal for those who frequently shop at Walmart, this card maximizes the value of every purchase, rewarding consumers for their daily spending.

Things to know right away about this credit card!
The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card targets individuals with good to excellent credit scores.
The APR for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card can vary, being competitive within the rewards card market. Typically, the card offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for a promotional period, after which a standard variable APR applies.
This card stands out for not having an annual fee, a significant advantage for many consumers. However, other fees may apply, such as balance transfer and cash advance fees.
It offers a percentage of cashback on all purchases made at Walmart, including online and in-store purchases, and rewards in other shopping categories.

By choosing the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card, you enjoy an enhanced shopping experience at Walmart and benefit from generous rewards across a wide range of purchase categories, making it a valuable addition to your wallet.

Decoding Capital One Walmart Rewards Card: Key Features

If you love shopping at Walmart, this card is perfect for you. Source: Canva Pro.

The Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card stands out for its flexibility and value, making every purchase at Walmart even more rewarding.

Whether you’re a regular Walmart shopper or looking to maximize your daily spending rewards, this card may be your ideal choice.

Backed by Capital One, cardholders enjoy security, convenience, and benefits beyond Walmart purchases, making this card a smart choice for value-conscious consumers.

This card is a rewards powerhouse designed for Walmart enthusiasts and anyone who values cashback across various spending categories.

In addition to being a rewards card, it offers special travel perks and exclusive Capital One services, expanding its value beyond expectations.

Check Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card pros and cons: is this card a fit for you?

family making purchase with the Capital One Walmart
Your grocery shopping can earn you extra cashback with this Capital One credit card. Source: Canva Pro.

When considering the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card, it’s crucial to assess its pros and cons to determine if it aligns with your financial needs and goals.

This overview of the card’s advantages and disadvantages will provide valuable insights, helping you make an informed choice.

The highs…:

  • High cashback on Walmart purchases: This card offers a significant cashback rate on all purchases made at Walmart, from groceries to selected items, providing an effective way to save money on routine expenses.
  • No annual fee: The absence of an annual fee allows users to maximize the value of earned rewards, ensuring no additional costs for using the card.
  • Attractive welcome bonus: New cardholders are greeted with a tempting welcome bonus, adding an initial boost to their rewards and encouraging card usage from the outset.

… and the lows:

  • Higher credit requirements: Higher credit requirements may limit card accessibility for some consumers, especially those with less established credit history, making it less accessible for a population segment.
  • Less competitive benefits outside of Walmart: While the card offers significant perks for Walmart purchases, benefits outside the retailer may be less competitive than other reward cards, which could diminish its appeal to some consumers who value more comprehensive benefits.

Eligibility requirements check-list to apply for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

Requirements for the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card Application:

  • Credit Score: Applicants should have a good to excellent credit score.
  • Age: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Residency: Applicants must be legal residents of the USA.
  • Income: A stable source of income must be demonstrated for eligibility. 

Treasure’s roadmap: How to apply for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

Man using notebook to apply for credit card
No need to go anywhere? apply using your personal computer. Source: Canva Pro.

To apply for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, begin by accessing the official website. There, you’ll find a clear and straightforward path to the online application, which is designed to be intuitive and streamline your experience.

This process has been carefully crafted to be simple and efficient, minimizing your time and effort.

You’ll be asked to provide basic personal and financial information, including your name, address, income, and Social Security number. These details are essential for Capital One to assess your application and determine your eligibility for the card.

After you submit your application, Capital One will swiftly process your information. Thanks to Capital One’s responsive decision-making system, you won’t have to wait long; you will receive a decision on your approval in a few moments.

This effective and convenient method ensures that you can start enjoying the benefits of your new Capital One Walmart Rewards Card as soon as possible, opening doors to a world of rewards and conveniences in your Walmart purchases.

Step into the ring: Capital One Walmart Rewards Card versus Capital One Quicksilver Card

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card and the Quicksilver Card stand out, each with its strengths and unique offerings.

On one hand, the Walmart Rewards Card is the perfect choice for frequent shoppers looking to maximize their rewards on purchases.

Meanwhile, the Quicksilver Card shines with its streamlined approach to cashback. It appeals to a wide range of consumers with its consistent return on all purchases.

The Capital One Quicksilver Card, known for its efficiency and simplicity, offers a steady cashback rate. This rate applies to all purchases without rotating categories or limits.

This card is ideal for those seeking clarity and value in their financial transactions, promoting a hassle-free user experience.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Card Capital One Quicksilver Card
Good to excellent Credit Score.Good to excellent Credit Score.
Competitive APR, with special introductory offers.Competitive APR, with a 0% APR introductory period.
No annual fee.No annual fee.
High cashback on Walmart purchases; specific bonuses for new cardholders.1.5% cash back on all purchases; appealing signup bonus for new cardholders.

Do you value simplicity and effectiveness in a rewards program? Are curious to find out how the Capital One Quicksilver Card can fit into your financial lifestyle?

We invite you to explore our comprehensive review of the Card. Here, we detail all its benefits, helping you make an informed choice between these two powerful options.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards review

Apply for the Capital One Quicksilver Card & enjoy straightforward cashback. Dive into our review now and check this card's benefits.

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