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How to apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® Card?

Do you find it difficult to apply for a credit card? Think again! With the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®, you can complete your application within minutes and receive immediate approval. Check out this article to learn more.


Regardless of your credit score, you can apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® and receive a credit limit of $400

Learn how to apply for yourFIT® Platinum Mastercard®. Source: The Mad Capitalist.
Discover the process for applying for yourFIT® Platinum Mastercard®.

The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® card offers an opportunity to establish a new credit history, even if you have a poor credit score. With a strong commitment to your goal and responsible credit behavior, you can work towards achieving a good or even excellent credit score.


Credit Card

FIT® Platinum Mastercard®


Double your $400 credit limit in 6 months.

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For a $99 annual fee, the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® provides a $400 credit limit, sufficient for making purchases and improving your credit score. Unlike other credit card issuers, FIT® Platinum Mastercard® offers this opportunity.

Apply online

The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is easy to get. Source: Freepik.
Acquiring the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is a straightforward process.

The application process for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® card is incredibly simple. You can complete it online through their website, and the application form is prominently displayed on the front page.

To apply, you need to provide your full name, complete address, email, checking account details, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and a U.S resident. Additionally, you must consent to receiving both physical and digital marketing materials.

That’s all there is to the application form. Once approved, you’ll need to pay a processing fee of $89 and your FIT® Platinum Mastercard® card will be on its way to you.

Comparison between FIT® Platinum Mastercard® credit card and Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® credit card

Curious about how credit building credit cards work in Canada? It’s quite similar. The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard boasts a lower annual fee and even offers some travel benefits.

However, the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is more accessible. If you’re interested in applying for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®, you can also learn how to apply for the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard to compare the two.

FIT® Platinum Mastercard® credit card:

  • Credit Score: Any/Poor/Fair/Good;
  • Annual Fee: $99 per year;
  • Regular APR: 29.99%;
  • Welcome Bonus: None offered for new members;
  • Rewards: Unfortunately, no rewards are available.

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard:

  • Credit Score: No need to worry, you can apply regardless of your score;
  • Annual Fee: $59 – $79;
  • Regular APR: The card’s APR ranges from 19.8% to 21.9%;
  • Welcome Bonus: None offered when you obtain this card;
  • Rewards: There is no rewards program associated with this card.

Capital One Venture

Travel benefits and rewards in every purchase.

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