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How to apply for the Assent Platinum Secured Credit Card?

Apply for the Assent Platinum Secured card, a great option designed for people with poor credit looking to improve their credit score.


Assent Platinum Secured application

Learn how to apply.
Learn how to apply.

If you’re looking to improve your bad credit, consider the Assent Platinum Secured Visa credit card. It helps you open new accounts and build credit history, making it a great option for those without necessary documents or those rebuilding credit. It also promotes good payment habits, though it doesn’t directly affect your credit rating.

The Assent Platinum Secured credit card is ideal for beginners and those needing help with cash management or lacking documentation. It also offers a monthly balance repayment option, though it doesn’t impact your credit rating.

You can use the Assent Platinum Secured credit card for purchases at various retailers and to withdraw cash at ATMs. There are two types of cards available, one with a fixed interest rate and the other with a variable interest rate. Read on to discover how to apply for this card.


Credit Card

Assent Platinum Secured


0% intro APR. ID theft protection.

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Apply online

Learn how to apply online.
Learn how to apply online.

If you want to improve your credit score and avoid high fees, applying for the Assent Platinum Secured card is a good option. Here’s how to apply:

Visit the company’s website to easily apply online and find information on policies, fees, deposits, and more.

To get your Assent Platinum Secured card, select “Apply Now” on the website and fill in your information. You can also check your application status on the website.

Apply using the app

No information about an app was found. It is possible that the only way to apply is through the website.

Assent Platinum Secured vs. American Express Platinum: A Comparison

Unsure if Assent Platinum Secured meets your financial requirements? Consider the American Express Platinum credit card as another option. Find out more information about it here.

Assent Platinum Secured card

  • Credit Score: 300-550 (very poor to poor);
  • Annual Fee: $49;
  • Regular APR: 12.99% variable (based on Prime Rate);
  • Welcome Bonus: None;
  • Rewards: None.

American Express Platinum card

  • Credit Score: Recommended above 720 (good);
  • Annual Fee: $695;
  • Regular APR: 15.99% – 22.99%;
  • Welcome Bonus: Earn 100,000 Membership Reward Points (or more, variable) after spending $6,000 in purchases;
  • Rewards: Earn 1x Membership Reward Point for every dollar spent with the card and 5x at American Express Travel.

American Express Platinum Credit Card Review

American Express Platinum offers VIP access and exclusive benefits in hotels, airlines, and entertainment services. Check this review!

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